What We Do

Our Mission

Slim Technologies recognizes the need of adopting and implementing latest technological solutions and it has become our mission to develop products and services for making peoples life better. This has prompted us to investigate the evolution of traditional technology services and implement fast paced solutions to face the challenges of everyday society that are well neglected but vital to keep up with the needs of today’s society.
We are product-oriented company, but we realise we can provide value in other forms and we are providing a few services to keep us engaged until the next idea comes into play.

Why We Do It

Our Vision

We envision to improve the world and focus primarily on ways to reshape the wellbeing of people. We are primarily focus on developing fintech services and invent new products to engage in social activities. We believe in social impact, sustainable financing and helping people living a better life.
This is what drives us to wake up in the morning and implement the next idea to provide a new product or a service. Having this sustainable mindset is what keep us to engage into new ventures most of them borderline “nuts” but hey that is what we are good at and that is what we are looking to do for as long as we can handle.

What 极速赛车 Offer

We offer unparalel solutions to all your business needs both in customer satisfaction as well as quality of product.

Corporate Coding

Still doing things manually? This made to measure service provides custom solutions for companies in need of automations and integrations with their existing software in use.

Software Development

Need to automate a big process or bussiness function. Our software development team can structure and develop all kinds of sollutions.

Mobile Applications

Want to reach more customers and have real-time interaction at your fingertips? Then a mobile application is what you are looking for.

Web Development

Need web presence and eCommerce. Any company's essentials online solutions.

Our Portfolio

We build top tier Web Applications, eCommerce, Mobile Application, SPAs
Some of our awesome projects in below.


Our CRM and Property Management platform is top of the tier able to handle more than 100,000 properties and provide an administration functionality both to the end buyer as well as to the seller.

  • Plots
  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Rent

Featured Product ... eCredo

  • Personal Credit Card

    eCredo offers personal account with 1 to 4 mastercard to manage your finances through our mobile app.

  • Corporate Credit Card

    eCredo offers corporate clients to have between 1 to 9 mastercard to manage your finances through our mobile app.

  • iban

    Every account has its own iBan account to perform traditional banking operations.

  • Forex Exchange

    eCredo wallet provides 9 additional currencies free of charge with real time quotes.

  • Free Sepa Payments

    Want to transfer money from bank to bank. Our sepa is completely free of charge.

  • Global transfer within 0-1 day

    Want to transfer money abroad. You can transfer money to any country between 0-1 business days.

  • Multi-Currency Wallets

    Want to keep your money in a different currency our wallets provides you with 10 currencies to store them to.

  • Business accounts with up to 9 linked Mastercards

    Our corporate cards provides you with corprate cards to provide to your collagues or partners to manage company finances more efficiently.

7Q Asset Management

7Q is an Asset Management firm with vision in sustainable ivnesting with unparalel results over 20 years in the business. We have worked realy close with them and not to brag we have learned quite a bit!

  • Financial Assets
  • High-End Clients
  • Properties
  • Risk Management


Evolving to Perfection

Over the decades, Paraikas commitment to excellence has been refleceted to a growing portfolio of brands such Van Gils in the 60s to some of today’s most revered names, such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna and Versace.

Unparalel Design

Paraikas provided the style we implemented everything to reach perfection.

Inventory Management

Our one click upload feature made their operations 10 times quicker.

Observe and Book

You can pick the products and we can have them ready for you to view them in store.

Personal Touch

Tailor services to meet every customers personal needs.


Lines of Code


Cups of Coffee


Highly skillful Developers


Very Happy Clients

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